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So your mind is made up, you don't want to wait any longer you just want to pass your driving test and become Ace Driver

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So you have decided you don't wan't a big impersonal driving school.

That's great because in fact it's just me, my car & a promise of my full attention at all times helping you to pass your driving test.

From the first time we go out together in the driving school car, through to your driving test. You will see the difference a local independent, knowledgeable and experienced driving instructor can make to you.

In fact if you don't love the way I work with you, simply don't pay me a penny for the lesson.

What have you got to lose?



Book Me & Get Me, not a different driving Instructor each week. 

All driving instructors are not the same. It would be easy if we are buying a tin of beans from the supermarket.

But choosing the right person to help you Pass Your Driving Test is a different matter.Learner driver l plate until you pass your driving test

Spend 2 minutes watching my video above, it might just change your mind about what you thought you knew about driving schools forever.....

Money Back if you don't learn on every driving lesson

100% Money Back Guarantee on EVERY Driving Lesson you take. Yes you did read that correctly!

I will back up every driving lesson you take with a Full Money Back No Risk Guarantee. Ask me about it **T&C apply**